Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Yes, i do realize that it has been 7 months since my last post.... i guess i just lost interest for a minute... but I'm back now and ready to go!

Lets see where to start!! Well Kingston Turned 1! Can you believe it? no? I know, me either... He is such a big boy and doing so many great things! He is crawling up on anything he can, he tries to get to the tallest point in the room. Only problem is he can't get back down. So its been quite the adventure trying to keep an eye on him! He is also trying to talk, right now he says "ma ma" "da da" "pa pa" "ka ka" "kitty" and "nana". He is such a joy and I can't imagine my life with out him! Other big news, I met this really great guy back in November.... Jeremy. He is pretty wonderful, such an amazing person with great values, morals, and goals. I Love him :) He has 3 daughters Jaidyn 8, Maicee 3, and Mylee 3. M&M are fraternal twins. When i first met them i instantly loved them! they are honestly the most wonderful little children. I have since moved in with Jer and now we are a family of 6! I went from having one child to having 4, and i have loved every second of it! Kingston gets along so great with the girls and he absolutely adores Jeremy! Anyway, I think that's all the major stuff... we've been busy with little vacations and holidays... Ill post pics and more about those later!
with love,
Ashleigh Gene

Friday, December 3, 2010

The speed of light!

My son is growing too fast. WAY TOO FAST! He has been doing things i didn't think that babies his age did.... anyway I'll start from the beginning!

He started the army crawl when he was 7 mo and used that and rolling to get where ever he needed to... I thought he was fast then!! He also started to eat table foods... like mashed potatoes and other soft things.

About 8 months he got down the hands and knees crawl and seriously took off!! I had no clue how fast a 21lbs 29 inch human could be!! Also he started to pull himself up on the furniture, he would just stand there until he got board or his legs got tired then he would just tip over!! Lol, so cute!

Then about 9 mo he started cruising around the furniture, and everything had to go up 6 more inches! Seriously, if it is in his reach you can bet that he will have it in his mouth in 3 seconds flat! He gets really gutsy and tries to let go of one chair to get to another, and does a sort of superman dive that almost always ends in tears and a bump!!

Also this month he loves to go places that he knows he isn't supposed to, like the bathroom for instance. A few days ago he decide to take a tour of the bathroom and found some really fun cords hanging off the counter! I am so adamant about turning off my straightener and curling iron, but that morning i was running late for work and forgot to. He pulled my straightener down and it landed on his hand and he now has a huge blister on the back of his hand!! SO SAD!! I seriously wanted to die when i heard what happened!! I know that it wasn't any body's fault but i still feel awful! When your children get hurt it is the very worst feeling a parent can have. Your only job in life is to protect them, and when you can't (which i know happens sometimes) it is terrible! Anyway, he is getting better now, and when we went to the doctor he didn't even cry! What a trooper!

There is really so much more going on, but its very small things that could take up 200 pages to write it all down :) It gets mushy from this point on... but feel free!!!

Kingston is such a curious and inquisitive little boy, he is always looking for something to entertain himself. There could be an entire mountain of toys and he would still go for the remote or the cell phone! I love this boy more than i ever thought one human could love another! He is my world in its entirety!! He makes me a better person than I ever thought i could be! I love you Kingston Vince!
Play time with mommy!!

First time at the lake! Sand Hallow!

Standing on his own! (its only about 2.1 seconds... so I'm not counting it!!)

Halloween 2010... Cutest spider EVA!!

Monday, August 30, 2010

6 months....

No way!! this is not possible!! how can 6 months already have gone by? I guess it has though, and i will just have to live with it!! I really am enjoying watching Kingston grow, it seems like he learns something new every day! i can't believe how absorbent his little mind is!!
*His stats this month*:
18.4 Lbs (he went down a little but i guess this is normal)
26 1/2 inches long
44cm head circumference

*Things he is doing this month*:
~ He sits up all by himself and loves to play with his toys.
~ His favorite toy is the little blue vibrating doggy.
~ He Likes to lay on the floor and watch cartoons, his favorite so far Elmo and dinosaur train.
~He absolutely LOVES to look in the mirror at himself... he could do it for hours!!
~ He will hold his own bottle for a few minutes until he gets board of holding it, then he plays with it!
~ He gets where ever he needs to go by rolling over and over to get there!! its very affective!!
~ when he wakes up in the morning he lets me know he is up by babbling and cooing and yelling until i get the picture!!
~ when he lays on his back his favorite thing to do is pull his toes in his mouth and suck on them!

I love this boy more and more every second of every day! I really can't believe my heart can get any bigger, but it just keeps growing!! I'm sad to know i don't have a tiny little newborn baby anymore, but i am so excited to see him grow through the next 6 months!

Elk Camp 2010

Kingston and I got to go up to the hummingbird this last weekend. The Hummingbird is the name of the elk camp that we go to every year. While all the guys were out hunting and most of the girls stayed back to hang out. Kingston absolutely loved being outside so much!! It was like he was watching a tennis match his head whipped around so much, just trying take everything in. It was a little cold at night but we stayed in the trailer with my mom and dad, which wasn't so great in the morning when someone would wrap on the door at 4 am trying to get my dad up to go hunt. But other than our early start every morning Kingston did really good, he didn't cry at all!! He is such a good boy!! Anyway, here are some pics of the trip, there are a ton more but blogger takes too long to upload!!
Carved King's name on a tree, next year we'll put 11' and watch it grow!!
King on the four wheeler with grandma... about 20 seconds after this was taken he zonked out!

this picture is PRICELESS!! his sweet smile, seriously warms my soul!!

His sweet bandanna, he was a hard ass!! and he sure does love kisses from mommy!!
I love this one! He matched every one at camp with his cameo on.... he was ready to go sit in the tree stand and hunt with grandpa!!! but that silly mom said "no, not this year"..... how rude ;)
Were going up again on Labor day weekend hopefully the weather will be good enough. more pictures to come..............

Monday, August 2, 2010

5 Months

Has it been 5 months already? No-way!! Kingston is getting so so big!! i can't believe it! at his 4 mo apt the doctor said "wow, he is a big boy!" so if he says it, it must be true! what Kingston is doing this month:

~He started eating solids last month and Bananas are his favorite, but he sure does love those peas!!
~After every bite he shoves his fingers and fist in his mouth! I am sure this is to frustrate me and make the biggest mess possible!
~He rolls from his front to back and back again (this is his method of transportation)
~He loves it when you blow raspberries at him. he laughs and laughs (not an actual raspberry, but when you motorboat your lips together. Those are called raspberries right?LOL)

~His Uncle Triston is seriously one of his favorite people.

~He loves it when his mommy sings "you are my sunshine"

~He is a pro at bouncing in his Jumperoo!!

~he will not fall asleep in his crib by himself!!

His stats at his 4 mo apt:
almost 18 Lbs
26 1/4 in long and
head and height 50Th %
weight 75Th%
I love my little man more than anything in this world!!! I am seriously the happiest mommy alive and i can't wait to see what the next 5 months holds!!

Told you it was a mess!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Kingston's Blessing!

Kingston's blessing was May 2nd 2010 at the Spanish Fork 8th ward. It turned out so wonderful!! after we went down to the Veterans memorial building and ate lunch. I must say i am mighty proud of myself for putting together such a successful party!! It was small, just close family and friends!! I wish i could have invited everyone i know!! Ha! I love my son so much and i know his dad love him also. We are so lucky to have the most perfect little boy and to have him be blessed in such a wonderful gospel. I love this church and am having too many blessings to count. I have come to realize that even our trials should be counted as blessings, because of the lessons we learn from them. Each trial tests us, and we grow stronger and each blessing reminds us of how great we really have it. I love Kingston and I am so grateful for Dallas (most days) :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Do you read my blog??

Please leave a comment if you read my blog. I might be more motivated to post more if I know I have fans :)....